March 27, 2010

Chai Tea Oatmeal

Every night I always think about what I am going to have for breakfast. Sometimes I get so excited I consider just getting up and eating it right then and there. I am quite the loser clearly. For breakfast I normally have oatmeal, cereal if I am in a hurry or pancakes for weekends. I try to change up and add new things to my oatmeal as much as possible. Whether it is a different fruit, spice, nut or anything really, just to keep it different.
The other day when my friend and I went to Starbucks, she ordered a chai tea latte blended with ice/chai tea frappuccino, I'm not sure of the exact name. But it was great! Almost immediately I went to the grocery store and bought some chai tea. And as usual, I was lying in bed thinking about my oatmeal tomorrow and about trying the chai tea. Then it clicked. Put the two together. I mean I had read about chai spiced goods before so this had to work, and it did! If you eat oatmeal, this is a great switch up. If you don't eat oatmeal, you better start with this!

Chai Tea Oatmeal

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk, both worked great
1 chai tea bag
1 tbsp raisins
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
2 packets of splenda

In a small saucepan, put the water, milk, chai tea bag and raisins on medium heat. Keep stirring for about five minutes. I let it warm up for about 5 minutes just simmering so that the chai flavour would come out. Now bring to boil. Remove the tea bag and add the oats and splenda. Continue stirring until most of the liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and top with more milk and raisins if desired.

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